Luxurious Metal Parts Material Safe 7 Function Electric ICU Patient Bed Medical Hospital Beds for Sale

Luxurious Metal Parts Material Safe 7 Function Electric ICU Patient Bed Medical Hospital Beds for Sale


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  • DIY Supplies: ELECTRICAL
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: CE
  • Material: Metal
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • After-sale Service: Online technical support
  • Brand Name: HEALICOM
  • Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
  • Model Number: HC10-1
  • Product Name: Hospital Bed

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Products Description
HC10-1 High-end 7 Function ICU Bed


Seven major functions: 1). Back lifting function: back lifting foot degree 0-75 ° ± 5 °; 2) Curved leg function: Leg lifting angle 0-30 ° ± 5 °; 3). Lifting function: adjustment range 460mm-720mm; 4). Forward/backward tilt: 0-15 °; 5). Weighing function; 6). Automatic CPR; 7). Off bed alarm; Bed frame: 1). The bed frame is welded with 30 * 60 * 1.2mm (thickness) formed square tubes, and the bed body adopts advanced automatic welding technology and laser cutting. The welding quality is high-quality, and the bed frame and bed surface are flat and fully welded. The welding is firm, and the welding point is flat and smooth. The bed body is sturdy, and can bear ≥ 200kg; Reserved infusion frame holes on the bed; 2). The bed legs are welded with integral rectangular tubes, which can enhance the stability of the bed body itself; Bed panel: 1). The bed surface is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate with a thickness of 1.0mm and a concave multi hole design, which is easy to breathe and has anti slip function. There are no solder joints on the surface, and there are steel pipe reinforcement ribs on the back, adopting a dual support unloading structure to extend the service life of the hospital bed; 2). The back section lifting adopts a connecting rod push pull type, which is firm and reliable, and the top of the back section can bear ≥ 150kg; Head and tail of bed: Advanced engineering plastic ABS bed head and tail, seamless, easy to clean, stable and reliable without deformation. The outer side of the bed tail board is equipped with information card slots and symmetrical quick hook seats, which can be quickly disassembled to meet clinical emergency needs; Castors: Double sided center control casters with a diameter of ≥ 5 inches, bed end center control brake function, one foot brake, four wheel brake, good silent effect, strong braking ability, flexible and reliable rotation, casters firmly assembled with the bed frame, and the bed will not slide relative after braking, making it easy to push and control. The main frame and wheel core of the casters.
2230mm (including the bed head)
1060mm (including the guardrail)
Back-lifting function
back lifting foot angle 0-75°±5°
Leg bending function
leg lifting angle 0-30°±5°
Lifting function
adjustment range 460mm-720mm
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1. What about the price level? We are confident that our prices are competitive compared with those at the same quality level, since we have stayed in this filed more than 20 years. And we always adhere to the principle of provide top quality products with competitive prices. We have already established our good fame in many countries, especially in Africa, Middle East, European, Asia and South American through year after year efforts. 2. Why we find some prices are very high compared with some other supplier, and from the picture or it’s model number, all looks the same? As China is still a developing country, there are only a few products with patent rights, and copy products I spread very fast in the market. Of course, the prices of those copy products with cheap material and less quality control are relatively cheaper. 3. What is time of delivery? Since our products are produced according to each specific order, the delivery period will be 15 days after confirmation of order. If it is small or sample order, please do check with us about whether we have ready goods in stock to make delivery as soon as possible. 4. What about quality assurance? We offer one year warranty period beginning from the time of shipment for medical equipment, Per minor problems, we can provide free spare parts for replacements, Per serious problems, we can make replacement of free charge. 5. What is payment terms? T/T, Credit Card, L/C, Western Union, PayPal, MoneyGram.


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Luxurious Metal Parts Material Safe 7 Function Electric ICU Patient Bed Medical Hospital Beds for Sale

Availability: 77 in stock

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