New Version Smart Tecar Therapy Diathermy Machine CET RET RF Indiba For Sports Rehabilitator Sport Therapist Body Pain


New Version Smart Tecar Therapy Diathermy Machine CET RET RF Indiba For Sports Rehabilitator Sport Therapist Body Pain


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  • Application: BODY
  • Brand Name: KaphaTech
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • RF Frequency: 0.3-0.5KHZ
  • Maximum Power: 300W
  • Technology:: RET Targeted Radiofrequency Diathermy Therapy
  • work handles size:: 20mm,40mm,60mm
  • Feature: Face Lift, Skin Rejuvenation, Body shape, Wrinkle Remover
  • After-sales Service: Video technical support, Online support
  • Package dimension:: 500*450*370mm

TECAR Therapy is a form of thermotherapy (it heals your body by creating heat inside it) based on radio waves. It is also known as “capacitive and resistive electrical transfer”. Other types of laser therapy include TENS and PEMF, which use different wavelengths. We chose a TECAR Therapy is Advanced Physio Care because its effectiveness . It is also popular with athletes and many of our patients are professional or amateur athletes.

Tecar :
the heat speeds up your metabolism. This causes your blood to flow faster and to become more oxygenated. The result is that more oxygen, and other healing properties of your body’s natural systems, are rushed to the site. The waste is also removed more quickly. The overall result is that your pain is reduced significantly, and the injury is healed more quickly.

Tecar :
The beneficial effects of TECAR therapy are mostly used in physical therapy, rehabilitation and pain management:
* Bruises and sprains
* Post-surgery rehabilitation
* Sports traumas
* Muscle and tendon disorders
* Neuropathies
* Scar tissue
* Spine and peripheral joint disorders
* Vascular and lymphatic system disorders
* Orthopaedic disorders of the peripheral nervous system
* Pelvic floor rehabilitation
* Acute and chronic pain
Triger point in cervical region

Cervical pain

Low back pain

Shoulder pain



Ankle distortion

Carola tunnel syndrome

the latest technology in sports rehabilitation to speed up muscle recovery and help athletes return to play as soon as possible.
Tecar ?
Who is this for?
* Chiropractor
* Occupational Therapist
* Osteopath
* Physiotherapist
* Podiatrist
* Sports Rehabilitator
* Sports Therapist

Thanks to the capacitive and resistive modalities, the action of tecar therapy can be addressed to different profundities and on several tissues, as the muscle, tendon, ligamentous, vascular and lymphatic one, favoring the resorption of hematomas, reducing the inflammation and improving the local circulation.

a system of Capacitive and Resistive electric transfer ,which is one of the methods used in diathermy, was developed as a form of deep thermotherapy ,delivers radiofrequency (RF) energy, which passes between active electrode and inactive electrode, and generates heat in the human body 。

CET technique works in tissue containing a high content of electrolytes such as muscle and soft tissue,。 the RET technique works in tissues with higher resistance such as bones, tendons, and joints 。
Capacitive mode is used to treat superficial structures, such as skin and muscles. Resistive way of application treats deep structures, such as deep muscles, tendons and bones.

dramatically enhances the results and cuts the recovery time significantly

Most physical modalities do not allow the therapist to offer their unique manual techniques as an added value. TR-Therapy Concept is different. The therapy allows to be used with various techniques bringing even better outcomes and even faster recovery. While using Targeted Radiofrequency Therapy, massage, passive motion, muscle activation and other techniques can be used.

tecar :
Smart Tecar : (Transfer of Capacitive and Resistive Energy) is a method of treatment simple, not-invasive, effective to reactivate and accelerate the natural processes of self-repairing and anti-inflammatory of the human body. Relieves pain and treat in a manner much faster. It is a revolutionary technology for face and body treatments and also rehabilitation program pre-post -surgical operation.

* Improves oxygenation (treatment of cellulite and wrinkles).
* Stimulate microcirculation and lymphatic drainage.
* Promotes the removal of all free radicals.
* Repairs acute and recurrent osteoarticular distractions.
* Reduces muscle tension.
* Decrease in chronic joint pain, distortions, tendinitis and bursitis.
* Facilitates the re-absorption of edema.
* Repairs of injuries on tendons, joints, ligaments, cartilage and bone tissue.
* Treats different forms of osteoporosis, arthritis, low back pain, sciatica.
* Treats injuries of knee, shoulder, hip, ankle, spine, hands and muscles.


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New Version Smart Tecar Therapy Diathermy Machine CET RET RF Indiba For Sports Rehabilitator Sport Therapist Body Pain
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