595 mT Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Medical Stroke Neurasthenia Cerebral Blood Supply Insufficiency Ultrasound rTMS tDCS


595 mT Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Medical Stroke Neurasthenia Cerebral Blood Supply Insufficiency Ultrasound rTMS tDCS


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  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Properties: Cerebral ischemia, stroke, hemiplegia…
  • Place of Origin: Liaoning, China
  • Brand Name: JIHE-TCM
  • Model Number: GHCN-I
  • Product Name: 595 mT rTMS&tDCS
  • Feature 1: Transcranial magnetic
  • Feature 2: Transcranial ultrasound
  • Feature 3: Brain wave electrotherapy
  • Feature 4: Brainwave limb
  • Feature 5: Ultrasonic blue light
  • Keywords: Magnetic 595mt
  • Function: Class II medical devices
  • Application: Neuroasthenia, brain injury, insufficient blood supply to the brain
  • Application 2: Stroke, Paralysis, Depression, Autism, Polio
Product Description
A safe and efficient product for both medical and household use!

20 years of EEG research background, cooling system patent magnifies 35 times magnetic strength! Maximum magnetic strength 595mt!
5 major systems, transcranial ultrasound therapy, brainwave biomimetic electrotherapy, ultrasound blue light therapy, 595mt transcranial magnetic therapy, brainwave limb electrotherapy!
1-Transcranial magnetic field
Transcranial magnetic resonance (TMS) directly reaches deeper tissues in the brain through the skull, acting on brain cells and the central nervous system, increasing cell charge and oxygen carrying capacity, improving the metabolic environment of brain cells, increasing metabolic enzyme activity, accelerating the metabolism of damaged brain cells, and increasing the repairability of damaged cells. Interference and suppression of the occurrence and propagation of abnormal EEG and magnetoencephalography enhance the ability of EEG activity, promote the recovery of brain function, and thus achieve the treatment and improvement of certain brain diseases. Improve various physical skills.
Directly acting on the brain through the craniocerebral barrier for treatment, alleviating vascular spasm, improving cell membrane permeability, dilating blood vessels, improving blood supply and oxygen supply, promoting the establishment of collateral circulation, activating neuronal cells, improving cell metabolism, eliminating sclerotic plaques, and eliminating blood clots.
3-Ultrasonic blue light
Specific light passes through the retina to transmit signals to the suprachiasmatic nucleus, causing rhythmic changes in the secretion of melatonin by the pineal gland. This suppresses the stimulation of light secretion during the day and also allows tryptophan in the body to be used to synthesize serotonin. At night, the light weakens, and the brain’s pineal gland converts the secreted serotonin into melatonin, causing the concentrated release of melatonin at night, which affects the biological clock and directly affects brain cells to restore neuropsychiatric disorders. 4-Brain wave electrotherapy
Electrotherapy is a type of cerebellar fastigial nucleus stimulation therapy device (non pharmacological therapy), He used Digital frequency synthesis technology generates young, healthy, and normal simulated bioelectricity to replace the incomplete bioelectricity of patients with their own lesions. By pasting electrodes on both sides of the mastoid process, non-invasive introduction of the cerebellar fastigial nucleus is used to perform electrical stimulation therapy on the human brain. The main function is to significantly increase brain blood flow, protect nerve cells, promote neural function recovery, stabilize the electrical excitability of the brain cell membrane, and achieve a safe and green approach Create treatment.
5-Brainwave limb
Limb electrodes, simulating bioelectric stimulation of affected limbs. Limb electrodes, functional reconstruction of the affected limb, while receiving biomimetic electrical stimulation around the nerves and muscles around the affected limb. Electrical stimulation can also be transmitted to the neural spinal cord and projected to the advanced central nervous system, increasing the excitability of nerve cells that have not yet completely necrotized the lesion. Forming new conduction pathways and simulating bioelectric stimulation can reduce synaptic conduction resistance, thus forming new conduction pathways in the network like neural synaptic connections around the lesion area. Increase muscle strength and motor nerves. Due to the presence of peripheral compensation, when paralyzed muscles are electrically stimulated, functional muscle fibers can thicken – resulting in an increase in muscle strength; Functional motor nerve endings can increase their branches to innervate denervated muscle fibers, enabling functional recovery.
Cerebral ischemia, stroke, hemiplegia…
Place of Origin
Brand Name
Model Number
Product Name
595 mT rTMS&tDCS
Feature 1
Transcranial magnetic
Feature 2
Transcranial ultrasound
Feature 3
Brain wave electrotherapy
Feature 4
Brainwave limb
Feature 5
Ultrasonic blue light
Magnetic 595mt
Class II medical devices
Neuroasthenia, brain injury, insufficient blood supply to the brain
Application 2
Stroke, Paralysis, Depression, Autism, Polio


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595 mT Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Medical Stroke Neurasthenia Cerebral Blood Supply Insufficiency Ultrasound rTMS tDCS
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