Medical Dermatoscope 10x Magnify Macro Zoom Lens for Dermatology Clinical Mole Melanoma Diagnosis


Medical Dermatoscope 10x Magnify Macro Zoom Lens for Dermatology Clinical Mole Melanoma Diagnosis


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  • Type: Hand Tool Parts
  • Brand Name: XMSJ
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
  • Brand Name: iboolo
  • Model Number: 25mm
  • Focus Type: Tele-Zoom
  • Lens Type: Macro
  • Focus Mode: Af, Mf
  • Private Mold: Yes
  • Material: Aluminum + Optical Glass
  • Optical Design: All glass, 3 elements 3 groups
  • Magnification: 10X
  • Distortion: 1%
  • Lens Diameter: 30mm
  • Polarization: Cross Polarized
  • LED Type: SMD LED beads
  • Battery Capacity: 500mAh

Products Description

Like a scalpel, the dermatoscope is an awesome instrument in trained hands. It’s also a great tool for self-diagnostics with the help of dermatologist.

•Outstanding ergonomics and modern shape
• Bright LED illumination lights with 3 levels’ brightness control
• Liner and cross polarized light illumination
• 10 x Magnification
• Real 30mm wide field of view (Aperture)
• Easy detachable protect glass for the lesions that shouldn’t be touched
• Magnetic Smartphone connection kit; available for all phone
• Easy to handle and focus
• Lithium ion battery & USB-C charge
• Automatic shut down
• High quality but affordable

Product Features

Clear Version

Maximizing sharpness was one of the biggest priorities when building this device, the first class optics ensure excellent edge to edge magnification free from spherical and chromatic aberration.

LED Illuminations

To effectively evaluate skin, excellent light and magnification are needed. The visual portion of diagnosis is based on distribution and morphology.

3 levels of brightness control, cross polarized and non polarized light gives a lot choice to test under different situations.

Cross Polarization

A probability of misdiagnosis in detection of nodular melanoma or featureless melanoma may result from using a non-polarized light dermatoscope. If you have a non-polarized light dermatoscope, it is necessary to apply immersion fluid to get polarized image.

The DE-3100 has switchable non cross polarization and cross polarization mode, you can switch the mode with a simple button click. In polarization mode, the polarization filter becomes activated and absorbs the surface light reflection (no immersion fluid required). It allows you to examine the colors, shapes and texture features of the skin lesion more clearly, more precise and more detailed.

With Cross Polarized

Without Cross Polarized


Dermoscope is only one piece of the entire clinical picture. Lesions should always be immediately scrutinized, the magnet attachment gives the ability to attach on smartphone and take pictures in 5 seconds.
Best part? It compatible with all phone in the market, with a universal lens clip or a easy on and off phone cover.

The magnet attachment can be screwed on universal clip which will be included in the package, and can also be installed on our M17*1.0 phone case, please contact us if you want to get more information about phone case.

No Cross-Contamination

The glass face plate can simply snapped on and off, so you can remove and clean it separately after use

Product Paramenters

Technical Specifications

Optical & Aluminum
Optical Design
All glass, 3 elements, 3 groups
Lens Diameter
300 LP/MM (Axis) 250 LP/MM (Edges)
90° Cross Polarized
LED Type
SMD LED beads
Battery Capacity
500mAh Lithium ion

Package Include

DE-3100 Dermatoscope*1 Magnet Attachment*1 Universal Clip*1
Clean Cloth*1 Pouch*1 User Manual*1

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Why Choose Us

What We Do?

Founded in 2012, IBOOLO is one of the world’s leading supplier of smartphone lens. We started and focused on making premium phone lens for many years …but now we do more than that, we want to use our extensive experience and knowledge to make some high quality and affordable dermatoscope to meet the needs of more people and arouse people’s attention to skin problems.
With the efforts of lots of optical engineers and dermatologists for over 4 years, we have finally made a series of well-crafted and top quality dermatoscope, and we are still keep research and development a superior product.

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Medical Dermatoscope 10x Magnify Macro Zoom Lens for Dermatology Clinical Mole Melanoma Diagnosis

Availability: 9 in stock

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