980nm+1470nm Otolaryngology/Stomatology/Surgery/dermatology/Plastic surgery/urology/laser lipolysis


980nm+1470nm Otolaryngology/Stomatology/Surgery/dermatology/Plastic surgery/urology/laser lipolysis


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  • Type: Hand Tool Parts
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Place of Origin: Shaanxi, China
  • Brand Name: oem
  • Model Number: OMG-LLY008
  • Q-Switch: Yes
  • Laser Type: Diode Laser
  • Style: PORTABLE
  • Type: Laser
  • Feature: Blood Vessels Removal, Other, Skin Rejuvenation
  • Application: For Commercial
  • After-sales Service Provided: Online support, Video technical support
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Product name: 980+1470nm Diode Laser Machine
  • Function: Spider Veins
  • Length of Fiber: 2m & 3m
  • Wavelength: 980nm+1470nm
  • Pulse width: 15ms-100ms
  • Frequency: 1-10HZ
  • Voltage: 110V/220V 50-60Hz
  • Screen: 7 Inch Touch Screen
  • Output power: 1470nm & 980nm 30W
  • Mode: Pulse mode,Continuous mode
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Professional 6 in 1 1470nm diode laser 980nm blood vessels removal machine

Product Description

1470nm+980nm / 980nm+RF 13.56MHz/980nm

+Endolifting+Lipolysis+EVLT+Hemorrhoids+Dental Surgery+ENT+Vaginal

+Vascular removal+Physiothery+Nail fungus removal+Skin rejuvenations+Eczema herpes+Cold Hammer 



Treatment theory:
The 1470nm & 980nm 6 + 1 diode laser therapy device uses 1470nm and 980nm wavelength semiconductor fiber-coupled laser for vascular removal, nails fungus removal, physiotherapy, skin rejuvenation , eczema herpes, lipolysis surgery ,EVLT surgery or other surgeries, and add functions of ice compress hammer.
The new 1470nm semiconductor laser scatters less light in the tissue and distributes it evenly and effectively. It has a strong tissue absorption rate and a shallow penetration depth. The coagulation range is concentrated and will not damage the surrounding healthy tissue. It has high catted efficiency and can be conducted through optical fiber. It can be absorbed by hemoglobin and cellular water. The heat can be concentrated on a small volume of tissue, quickly vaporize and decompose the tissue, with less thermal damage, and has the effect of coagulation and hemostasis . advantage It is the most suitable for the repair of nerves, blood vessels, skin and other tiny tissues and minimally invasive surgery such as varicose veins.
Optimal degree of water absorption in the tissue, at the wavelength of 1470 nm. The wavelength has a high degree of water absorption in the tissue and 980 nm provides high absorption in hemoglobin. The bio-physical property of the wave used in the dual-waves laser means that the ablation zone is shallow and controlled, and therefore there is no risk of damage to adjacent tissues. Additionally, it has a very good effect on blood (no risk of bleeding). These features make the dual-waves laser safer.



1.Vascular removal
The laser is the optimum absorption spectrum of porphyria vascular cells. Vascular cells absorb the high-energy laser of the diode wavelength, solidification occurs, and finally dissipated.
To overcome the traditional laser treatment redness large area of burning the skin, professional design hand-piece, enabling the laser beam is focused onto a 0.2-0.5mm diameter range, in order to enable more focused energy to reach the target tissue, while avoiding burn the surrounding skin tissue.
Laser can stimulate the dermal collagen growth while vascular treatment, increase epidermal thickness and density, so that the small blood vessels are no longer exposed, at the same time, the skin’s elasticity and resistance is also significantly enhanced.

2.Nails fungus removal
Onychomycosis refers to fungal infectious diseases that occur on the deck, nail bed or surrounding tissues, mainly caused by dermatophytes, which are characterized by changes in color, shape and texture. Laser ash nail is a new type of treatment. It uses the principle of laser to irradiate the disease with a laser to kill the fungus without destroying the normal tissue. It is safe, painless and has no side effects. It is suitable for all kinds of applications the situation of onychomycosis.

The diode laser produces thermal stimulation through lens focused illumination, and uses the biological effects of laser to act on the human body, enhance capillary permeability and increase ATP production. (ATP is for cell repair. And regenerating a high-energy phosphate compound that supplies the energy needed, injured cells can’t make it at the optimal speed), activate healthier cells or tissues, achieve analgesia, accelerate tissue repair, and heal. The laser energy of the instrument automatically stops when the temperature reaches a certain temperature during operation, avoiding burns, safe and comfortable.

4.Skin rejuvenation, Anti-inflammation
The diode laser rejuvenation is a non-exfoliating stimulation therapy. It improves the skin quality from the basal layer. It provides non-interventional treatment, and is suitable for different skin states. It penetrates the skin about 5 mm thick through a specific wavelength, and reaches the dermis directly, which acting directly on collagen cells and fibroblasts in the dermis. Protein of skin can be regenerated under the stimulation of weak laser. It can really achieve the function of skin care. It will not cause any damage to the skin.
The diode laser irradiation can also dilate capillaries, enhance permeability and promote the absorption of inflammatory exudates. It can improve the phagocytosis function of leukocytes, so it can affect the activity of enzymes and regulate the immune function of the body, Then finally achieve the purpose of anti-inflammation, anti-swelling and accelerate the process of tissue repair.

5.Eczema herpes
Skin diseases such as eczema and herpes continuously illuminate the patient’s skin lesions directly through the laser beam generated by the semiconductor laser. The laser energy can be absorbed by the tissue and converted into bioenergy, inducing or activating macrophages and lymphocytes, improving specific immunity and non-specificity The role of immunity can inhibit inflammation, and at the same time, micro vessels dilate blood vessels under laser irradiation, improve local blood circulation, and increase venous return flow. The increased permeability of blood vessels can enhance the enzyme active oxygen metabolism, provide the energy required for the proliferation of epithelial cells and fibroblasts, and promote the recovery of cell functions. In addition, laser irradiation can improve the phagocytosis process of macrophages, enhance the body’s sterilization and immune function, and further reduce the inflammation, exudation, edema, and anti-inflammatory functions. Moreover, laser can also promote the synthesis of protein and complement and improve body immunity ability.

6.Lipolysis surgery, EVLT surgery or other surgeries
The semiconductor laser therapy device uses the diode laser to treat the needle with a disposable surgery fiber, precisely locates excess fat and fat in the body, directly hits the target tissue fat cells, and rapidly dissolves and liquefies. The instrument mainly acts on deep fat,superficial fat, and transfers the energy directly to the fat cells for uniform heating. During the heating process, the connective tissue and fat cell structure can be changed by controlling the heat, and the adipose tissue has a photo thermal effect (so that the fat is dissolved). Meanwhile,the photodynamic effect (separating the fat cells from the normal tissue) decomposes the fat cells to make them evenly liquefied, and the fat liquid is excreted through the ultra-fine positioning needle, which fundamentally reduces the number of fat cells, effectively avoids postoperative rebound.
Endogenous laser treatment (EVLT) according to the characteristics of the thermal energy of the laser and the laser effect of the tissue, the laser emitted by this instrument through a fiber-coupled light source is conducted through a special circular fiber to accurately destroy the inner wall of the blood vessel, achieve blood vessel closure and fibrosis, and achieve the purpose of treating varicose veins of the lower limbs. The laser in this band has a high absorption rate of melanin and deoxyhemoglobin, and it has the effect of coagulation and hemostasis while vaporizing and cutting.

7.Ice compress hammer
Ice compress hammer can reduce the temperature of local tissues in the body, promote the tension of sympathetic nerves, shrink blood vessels, and reduce the sensitivity of tissues to pain.
Laser treatment should be done immediately ice compress, and the postoperative swelling peak period is within 48 hours. At this time, ice compress can reduce swelling and pain to the greatest extent and shrink blood vessels. After 48 hours, no ice compress is needed to allow the tissue to absorb and repair itself. Generally, the swelling and pain will gradually subside within a week.

Treatment scope of the diode laser machine
[Function 1]:Vascular removal. Remove all kinds of spider veins and vascular from the body surface.
[Function 2]:Nails fungus removal
[Function 3]:Physiotherapy. Alleviate various bone diseases, Muscle pain, daily health care.
[Function 4]:Skin rejuvenation, Anti-inflammation
[Function 5]:Eczema &Herpes
[Function 6]: Lipolysis surgery ,EVLT surgery or other surgeries
1) Accurately remove stubborn fat from the abdomen, arms, buttocks, thighs, etc.
2) It can also be refined and dissolved in parts that cannot be reached by traditional methods such as jaw and neck.
3) Facial lifting, firming, and wrinkle removal.
4) EVLT (Endogenous/ Varicose Veins Laser Treatment) or other surgeries.
[Additional Function]:Ice Compress Hammer

Output Fiber-optic coupling
Mode Pulse mode,Continuous mode 
Pulse width  15ms-100ms 
Output Power
1470nm & 980nm 30W
Pulse frequency 1-10Hz
Cooling Air cooling
Length of Fiber 2m & 3m
LCD screen 7 inch
Input AC:100-240V,50/60Hz
Aiming beam 650nm, <5mW

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980nm+1470nm Otolaryngology/Stomatology/Surgery/dermatology/Plastic surgery/urology/laser lipolysis

Availability: 9 in stock

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